5th International Conference on
Stochastic Analysis
and its Applications
September 5–9, 2011

The conference at University of Bonn, Germany, is the 5th in a series of international conferences on Stochastic Analysis and its Applications. The previous ones took place in Seattle (2006), Seoul (2008), Beijing (2009) and Osaka (2010).

The conference is supported by Hausdorff Center for Mathematics and it is co-sponsored by Global Center of Excellence at Kyoto University and by the Collaborative Research Center SFB 611 at Bonn University.


Program Updates





Sessions and Scientific Board

  1. Dirichlet forms and stochastic analysis (Zhen-Qing Chen)
  2. Jump processes (René Schilling)
  3. Stochastic partial differential equations (Michael Röckner)
  4. Stochastic analysis and geometry (David Elworthy)
  5. Optimal transport and allocation problems (Karl-Theodor Sturm)
  6. Functional analysis (Michel Ledoux)
  7. Random media, percolation clusters and fractals (Takashi Kumagai)
  8. Stochastic models in physics and biology (Anton Bovier)

These areas are strongly related to each other and have been very active in recent years. They occupy a central place in modern probability theory and analysis. The primary goal of the conference is to bring researchers in areas listed above, from all over the world, to survey the fields, exchange ideas and to foster future collaborations. Another important goal is to expose young researchers and Ph.D students to the most recent developments in active areas of probability theory.

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